This beautiful mermaid was intricately carved in wax and then I cast her into sterling silver.  The “moon or sun” depending on how you see it, hangs gloriously behind her and is handmade from brass.   The mermaid symbol is identifiable to all of us who love the ocean.  She protects and inspires.   She is closely associated with healing, fertility, and sex.

Across the Mediterranean, Homer wrote about the sirens who lived on small islands.

The sirens sang a song that lured sailors to shipwreck, but they didn’t sing promising sex or safety — instead they promised knowledge.

“Mermaids are often linked with knowledge from a very early time, and they would promise knowledge that is beyond the normal human being, they would promise divine knowledge of past, present and future,”

“That was the sirens’ original allure and later that gets transferred to beauty.”

In folklore, Mermaids are considered nomads who can alternate between living on land and at their ancestral home.  One such story goes like this….   “On full moon, mermaids would come out from the water and grow legs so that they could walk into the towns and villages and go out dancing with reckless abandon.”

Our oceans are like space, there is this appeal of the unknown, that desires to be explored but it’s not our native element.

Professor Peverley