"It's how the pieces make you feel. Within my collection there is a spirit of nature that feeds the soul. I design jewellery that reflects the beauty of my surroundings - my beach lifestyle and adventures abroad."

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Conical Shell Leather Necklace


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Casual and always looks great. leather is sliced and spiced with natural shells swaying and cascading in perfect symetry and of course, finished with our logo.. A must have for this summer. New York bloggers are saying Shell Jewellery will be massive this coming summer.

I am away in Europe for business and pleasure from 28 June to 30 July. Paris is calling! I can’t wait to wear my “Paris Jacket” in the city that inspired it. Then onto the UK to visit stockists and to be with loved ones. Follow my Instagram to see the adventure! Any orders received during this period will be dispatched 30 July.” Dismiss